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The Code Trip Olympia, WA April 15th

I received the following message from my local DNUG, the South Sound .NET Users Group about The Code Camp coming to our area. I plan on attending and hope to see you there.

“Are you ready for the Code Trip to come to Olympia?  Jason Mauer is coming
back to Olympia with a tour bus full of geeks.  They’ll be pulling up to the
Thurston County Fairgrounds on Monday, April 14th.  There will be giveaways, and
great information on the newest technology from great presenters.

Have you been tracking the Code Trip?  They started in Las Vegas at MIX08 on
March 7th and headed north.  They’ve made about 13 stops since then and Olympia
will be the last one before arriving at the MVP Summit in Seattle on Tuesday,
April 15th.  The capacity of our venue is 288, let’s see how close we can get to
that total, ok? 

Jason will be sending us a list soon of the roster of
geeks we’ll see performing on the 14th.  We’re going to set up the Expo Hall so
that multiple presentations can be happening at one time, to make the most of
the time we have.

Other Code Trip events have featured talks on the
newest technologies to emerge from MIX08, including Silverlight 2 Beta 1,
Internet Explorer 8, SQL Server Data Services, Windows Live.  Some attendees
have been treated to talks on the technology powering the Code Trip, both online
and on the bus.  We’ll update you as soon as we know what the recipe for the
Olympia stop will be.

Tell your friends, drag your co-workers along,
let’s give the Code Trippers a big final event before they get back to the

For more on the Code Trip, including information on current
and past events and where the Bus is now, see TheCodeTrip.com.  You can see profiles of
the Roadies — people who have spent time in the bus.  There’s a behind the
scenes section called ‘Under the Hood’ where you can get information on the
technologies used on the Code Trip, the use of GPS information in tracking the
route and current bus location and other technical goodness being used to keep
them in touch with the rest of the world.  The Toolbox provides links to the
tools used along the way to keep the Trip running smoothly.

The Travel
Log is a blog contributed to by various people, mostly Jason Mauer and Tim
Heuer.  Video blogs, info on participants and events gets you right into the
action.  It certainly gets me fired up to see them in Olympia.  Makes me more
than a little envious really, getting to ride a tour bus full of state of the
art equipment and full of other geeks sounds like a lot of fun.

So, you
coming or what?  Put it on your calendar, invite some other folks and we’ll see
you there.

Monday, April 14th, 2008
6:30pm – 9:30pm
The Expo Hall
at the Thurston County Fairgrounds
3054 Carpenter Rd SE
for directions

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