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Seattle Code Camp v4.0

Don’t forget about Seattle Code Camp v4.0 this weekend in Redmond.  For all the details, go to the Seattle Code Camp website.  This is a free weekend of presentations on a wide variety of software development subjects.  This isn’t a ‘Microsoft’ only event, check out the list of sessions if you don’t believe me.

Two South Sound .NET User Group members will be presenting:

Chris Bilson is presenting ‘Getting Git’

Git is a distributed version control system. It’s a little different than other source control systems you may have used (Subversion, TFS, etc.), and a little more powerful too. In this session we’ll talk a little bit about what the big deal is with distributed revision control systems, which ones exist, git, some tools related to git, web sites that work with git, and go through a typical git workflow.

Camey Combs is presenting "What’s the Big EFing Deal? Even Newbies can do Entity Framework"

Have you done anything with Entity Framework yet? Have you heard of it? Curious about it? if you’re new to EF and want to do some coding utilizing it, this is the session for you. Come and see what a newbie (you and your presenter) can do with EF after only a few short lessons. Bring your laptop loaded up and ready to go and follow along, building your own simple applications using EF.

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