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South Sound .NET Presents: Eric Lee on Common Anti-Patterns in Legacy Code

Please join us on Thursday, November 12th for a presentation by Eric Lee on "Common Anti-Patterns in Legacy Code & How to Work Your Way Out of Them"

About the Presentation: One of the most dreaded phrases in software engineering are the words “legacy code”. You know what that means: old, nasty code that gives you ulcers and makes you tear our your hair. In this presentation we’ll swap horror stories, discuss ways to make legacy code a little more manageable, and learn some principles that will help you avoid writing legacy code of your own.

About Eric Lee: I’ve worked for Microsoft for over fifteen years as a developer of testing tools and other applications in the Office division and in Microsoft Game Studios. I’ve inherited multiple legacy systems during my career and have had to suffer through the resulting pain. I’m sad to say I’ve probably also written a legacy system or two. As a result I have some opinions about the sorts of things that makes code either maintainable or a legacy nightmare.

November 12th, 7 – 9 pm
Olympia Center (222 Columbia NW)

All attendees are eligible for the prize drawings. Past prizes have included technical books, passes to Devscovery, copies of Visual Studio, Vista, Office 2007 and more.

Don’t forget to let your friends and co-workers know about this meeting.  Feel free to forward this email and/or direct them to www.ssdotnet.org for more information.

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