I Am Not Myself


Migrating to wordpress.com

Been really tired of dasblog’s annoying bugs and not really willing to fix them myself. I decided to try out the big daddy of blogging platforms WordPress. I decided to go with a hosted WordPress.com site because I don’t trust my LAMP chops.

The migration was somewhat simple but I ended up having to touch all 140 some odd post to clean them up for WordPress.com’s rules. I seem to be bumping up agains the hosted versions limitations already. I can’t add JavaScript or edit the template to use my feedburner account. I also cant set up redirects that are needed due to permalink changes.

So I may end up self hosting anyway so I can add the features I want.

On the plus side, I am blogging from my iPad on the custom WordPress app and the dashboard is very nice! Migrating to the self hosted app should be a snap.

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