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It Is How Others See Your Accomplishments That Matter

As I leave my amazing team at Russell to take on new challenges with a new team at Milliman, it is good to look back at what I have accomplished here. It is even better to see the appreciation of the value I helped to deliver to Russell.

Bobby Johnson has had a large impact in a relatively short tenure at Russell. His leadership in improving software development practices throughout the organization has been significant. He has provided mentorship and guidance beyond to various development teams throughout GT&O and our Business Partners. His project contributions have been diverse as he has had roles on the Indexes Research and Reconstitution, OATS Reporting and YODA/ETF applications. He recently was appointed as a Manager of Application Development.

While the loss of these teammates and their knowledge, skills and energy are significant, I would like to express my gratitude for their hard work during their time at Russell. Their contributions have elevated our capabilities as a development team.

Now that is an endorsement I can take pride in.

One response to “It Is How Others See Your Accomplishments That Matter

  1. Camey June 28, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    You can definitely be proud, that’s a wonderful letter. Of course, the howls of your team mates as you departed was also an indication of how much you contributed. Best of luck.

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