I Am Not Myself


Somedays Writing Code is Enough

I wrote this today, it made me happy. Somedays, simply writing some code that you are proud of makes it all worth it.

public void ImportLiabilityCategoryInput(string[] categories)
    ImportCategory(categories, InputDataGroupName.Liability);

public void ImportAssetCategoryInput(string[] categories)
    ImportCategory(categories, InputDataGroupName.AssetExisting);      

private void ImportCategory(string[] categories, InputDataGroupName group)

        (source, destination) =>
            foreach(var category in categories)
                var inputData = source.ReadInputData(group, category);
                destination.WriteInputData(group, category, inputData);

private void WithASourceAndDestination(Action<IFileAccess, IFileAccess> action)
    using(var source = SourceFile.OpenForReading(_FromModelFile))
    using(var destination = DestFile.OpenForReadWrite(_ToModelFile))
        action(source, destination);

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