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December 8th SSDNUG Presents: Charlie Poole on NUnit – Beyond the Basics

Most .NET developers have some familiarity with NUnit, but often they learn to use certain basic techniques and never go beyond them. In this talk I’ll present a some ideas you may want to try, including: parameterized tests and fixtures, generic tests, theories, the use of the TestContext and the creation of adding. The presentation will be based on the Beta 2 release of NUnit 2.6.

Charlie Poole has spent more than 35 years as a software developer, designer, project manager, trainer and coach. After a long career in the government sector, he began working independently in 1996 with clients ranging from Microsoft to government agencies to internet startups.

Charlie’s technical background is long and broad. In recent years, he has specialized in C++ and C# development in cross-platform settings. He has worked with the .NET framework since its inception, is one of the authors of the NUnit .NET testing framework and contributes to several other Open Source projects.

For the past fifteen years, Charlie has worked as an Agile coach and trainer. He is a familiar presence at Agile and Open Source events and is one of the founders of the Agile Open Northwest conference.

One response to “December 8th SSDNUG Presents: Charlie Poole on NUnit – Beyond the Basics

  1. Aeden Jameson December 19, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Did you record the talk? Slideshare? All those things are quite useful, but are, I think awkward to apply because of the centering of a logical test’s implementation at the method level instead of at a class level as MSpec does. Unfortunately MSpec doesn’t incorporate features like parameterized tests or theories.

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