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Getting Gilded Rose Under Test

While I was attending the Software Craftsmanship North America conference this year, Ian Davis post a video of himself performing the Gilded Rose Kata. I really enjoyed watching it and wanted to take a stab at it myself. I had a couple hours to kill sitting at O’Hair waiting on my flight so I fired up my environment and took a stab at it.

This video is the result of that session. The video consists of me getting the system under test. I did attempt a refactoring a couple times but kept driving to Ian’s solution because it was to fresh in my head. So I trimmed the solution out of my video and left only the testing. Go watch Ian’s video for a elegant solution to the problem. Do note that there is a signifigant amount of play and experimentation in this video, I am just dorking around.

It took me a while to post this because I originally recorded the session using Camtasia:Mac, which is a horribly broken piece of software. I had to wait until I could get a license for ScreenFlow before acutally producing the video. If you are in the market for software to do this kind of video, go with ScreenFlow.

If you are interested, I am using the Giles auto test runner, Nunit and several Resharper macros in the video. You can find my source on github.

Be sure to watch in HD it makes the text much more readable.

One response to “Getting Gilded Rose Under Test

  1. Michel Grootjans (@michelgrootjans) December 23, 2011 at 12:47 am

    Nicely done. Good ideas I picked up:
    – nest test fixtures in classes (like nesting descriptions and contexts in RSpec)
    – extension method to improve readability
    – use Giles (like autotest/guard in ruby)

    One thing I missed is performing the kata TDD fashion. Write test – RED – write code – GREEN – refactor test/code – rince and repeat.

    All in all, I enjoyed this video, thanks.

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